Upcoming Comics: ANCIENT ONES

Allen Panakal Art (Artist:  Designer: Illustrator: Geek) Last month I attended Comic Con International: San Diego, where I met many mega talented artists! I decided that I wanted to feature … Continue reading Upcoming Comics: ANCIENT ONES

My Trip To Japan Pt. 2: NARA, KYOTO, OSAKA

This July I studied abroad at Tenri University for the Summer Japanese Language Course 2016! TENRI After spending a week in Tokyo (trip to Japan pt.1), my friend Mara and … Continue reading My Trip To Japan Pt. 2: NARA, KYOTO, OSAKA

My trip to Japan pt. 1: TOKYO!

First Stop TOKYO!! Filled with excitement, curiosity and nerves I was so excited to step foot all the way across the globe! My first destination was Tokyo where I would … Continue reading My trip to Japan pt. 1: TOKYO!

“Suicide Squad” What a ride!

Suicide Squad Full Review 6.5/7 **Contains spoilers**   Suicide Squad was released on friday August 5, 2016 (USA). I saw an early screening last Thursday. I entered the theater with … Continue reading “Suicide Squad” What a ride!

Resident Evil 20th Anniversary

I attended the 20th Anniversary Resident Evil Panel at SDCC last week. It was a nostalgic feeling going back to the classics! This panel included RE Producer Masachika Kawata, whom … Continue reading Resident Evil 20th Anniversary