Why you should join DRINK&DRAW NYC

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Had a long day at work and need some time to get motivated, and creative, while drinking in the process. Then D&D is where you need to be!

“NYC’s finest monthly art group, where artists meet up, socialize, network, and get plastered in the process.”

Sounds great, two of my favorite things enjoying a nice cold beer while drawing to some good music!! Usually held once a month the second wednesday of the month; from 6:30-10PM at Mary O’s (32 Ave. A).  Drink and draw is a fun event where you can brush up on some life drawing skills, freely share your work, and drink. It is also a great place to interact with other cool creative people. You get to see so many different styles and approaches.



The most important factor is that D&D is a No judgement event.

Over the years Drink and Draw has gotten bigger and better. The models have also immensely improved.

I’ve been attending D&D since my college days and over the years have met some pretty cool talented people, including the host illustrator/ comic book artist Khary Randolph.  Khary has been working professionally for over 10 years. He knows comics, he knows art, and he takes the time to make sure that his events run smoothly and that all of his guest are having a good time.



What inspired you to start Drink and Draw?

Khary: In 2009 I was working for a company 4Kids working on a ninja turtle cartoon and the chaotic children animation. In around July or August there were rumors circulating that employees would get laid off. Losing my job and being a freelancer I still wanted social interaction. People are meant to interact. It was a time I needed to figure shit out, losing my job, getting out of a long term relationship, and turning 30; what’s the next stage?…

So I had an idea.

I Knew some artists in LA that held a drink and draw event and asked would they mind if I started one here in NY? This is what got me through it. Had a successful turn out! The event was very important to my evolution.

The event has been growing and evolving since Sept. 2009. We actually changed bars a couple times. We used to hold the event at another cool bar, the local 269, which some Mary O’s bartenders would attend. Inspired, Mary O’s wanted to hold their own Halloween D&D and asked if I would host the event; I loved the atmosphere. I loved 269, but the bar became too small to hold the event and Mary O’s came along. So after Halloween I convinced Mary to host D&D here that it would bring business. So I begged people to come out, and it worked out .We’ve been here longer now.


How do you choose your models?

Khary: I choose enthusiastic models that can put on a show, give good angles, and can hold the right dynamic poses. This is an entertaining and educational event; we don’t want stiff models, or just art school models. We want to draw models that can have a good time, are laid back, energetic and aren’t boring. When the event first started I pulled models from modeling websites. I realized very quickly can’t just contact people that look good in pictures, they need to be able to hold a pose.

I like to use Cos-players and Burlesque industry models now. We had issues before with models not giving a shit. Now I make sure to choose models that care, are into the culture, are willing to dress up and have fun. Don’t just look cool, this is not the place.

The event started to build a reputation and models started to come to us eventually.

Drink and Draw models are fun to draw. We want drawings that come out to be like “ what were they drawing!” We recently had a model dressed as Princess Peach, that’s good social media.

I wasn’t thinking about social media before but now it’s something to show, can bring people in.

Do you life-draw often yourself?

Khary started this event because he loves to draw from life. He expresses the importance of learning figure drawing; that even if you draw for a living it can be very educational and good practice.

Khary: When you run the event it becomes harder to draw because I want to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone has fun.

I should join an event I don’t run.


What do you get from drink & draw?

Khary: Drink & Draw is a community. People have a lot of deadlines and work and still  people come out  on a Wednesday night, I wonder  “why do you guys come out ?”  

Getting drinks on a Wednesday night!

“People need this gathering, and talking about art and networking is important that’s why I keep doing it.”

We keep growing and evolving, It’s my thing, have to make an effort if I can make it you can make it!”

Why D&D NYC?

Khary: If you’re a Professional you can feel relaxed. If you draw as a hobby you can feel relaxed. It is open to everyone, not pretentious on any level. I’ve been to other events where people feel pressure, and no one will listen to you. I never want my events to feel like that, not the atmosphere I want. I rather have suggested donations collected for the model then take money at the door; I don’t want it to turn into a club either or make anyone feel pressured.

Everyone is Welcome Here! Core thing were about!!

  • Great models
  • Great music/vibe  (Khary’s awesome throwback music playlist! Ranging from artist like Lauryn Hill, to Prince, and Madonna)
  • Great staff
  • Great food/ make sure to hit the bar for some drinks (Love the fish & chips)
  • Great people

Poses typically consists of sets of 2 min. warm ups , 5 min warm ups, 10 min. And then 20min. Long poses A long Break then more sets.!! GREAT PRACTICE!!


WHEN:Once a month, the second Wednesday of the month, from 6:30-10:00pm

WHERE: Mary O’s on Ave. A between 2nd & 3rd st. Manhattan.

FREE. Although donations are welcome (suggested $10) to pay for the models.

Join the Facebook Page to get notifications when D&D will take place.







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