HI! My name is Nadya Martinez; I’m a comic book enthusiast, annual comic con attendee, movie loving, art freak. Growing up in NYC I developed a love for the city and art scene. Watching animated cartoons, I grew an obsession with Spiderman and Batman (THAT’S MY HERO!!!) My barbies also preferred action figures over Ken. Originally with fashion in mind, I received my BFA in Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. However, the late Michael Turner: my biggest influence, really got me into drawing comics. My style fuses both fashion and comic art influences. I am also very inspired by Japanese culture, hence I am learning the language!!


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  1. Great site. I love comics too and Batman in particular. Andrew turned me on to your site, I am his brother Tony.


  2. Hello Nadya!

    My name is R.P. Wilson, I’m one of the host and producers for the Power of You in Fiction Podcast. We explore fictional stories, their effects on our lives, and how seeing ourselves in fiction validates our existence in reality. I’m reaching out today in hopes to schedule an interview (45 minutes – 1 hour) to discuss your experience as a creative of Puerto Rican descent and your relationship with fiction.

    Below is the synopsis of our plan for our upcoming season (working title: Rico en Sueños) which will focus entirely on Puerto Rico and its people, and will be launched during Hispanic Heritage Month.

    Additionally, if your schedule doesn’t permit for a full length interview we would be thrilled to get your answers to our core questions below via a voice recording.

    Finally, I’ve provided links to two episodes from our first series so that you can get a taste of our sound and storytelling.

    Season Synopsis:
    Rico en Sueños will highlight the voices of Puerto Rico to show us the power of dreams. By exploring dreams, we discover a space where the past, present, and future can exist at the same time. Through learning about Puerto Rico — its people, their collective identity, and their dreams — we can all learn how to acknowledge the richness of our past, contend with the issues our present, and create a vision for our future.

    Core Questions:
    1. What fictional characters did you see yourself in growing up, even if they were not Puerto Rican?
    2. As a creator, what message do you try to convey about Puerto Rican culture and heritage?
    3. Are there any celebrated pieces of Puerto Rican literature that you’ve consumed? How did they inspire you as a creator and as a person of Puerto Rican descent?

    Power of You in Fiction Special:

    Looking forward to your reply!



    1. Hello Wilson, this sounds amazing. Do you have an email I can reach you at to discuss further? Thanks so much for considering me ! Best, Nadya


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