Gallery: Walker Stalker Con 2017

Walker Stalker Convention

New Jersey 2017

Courtesy of Walker Stalker Con


This past weekend I covered the SOLD-OUT Walker Stalker Convention in New Jersey. This zombie and horror fan fest is a con made by the fans for fans, and is a celebration of many of our favorite Television Series. The convention was held for two days at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center. 

“Walker Stalker Conventions produces events across North America and Europe celebrating the best in horror, fantasy, and sci-fi.”

sonequaWe miss you Sasha!! (Sonequa Martin-Green from AMC’s The Walking Dead!!)


WSC features tons of celebrities with opportunities for autographs and even professional photo ops! There is a variety of artists and exhibitors showcasing their work, with plenty of geeky merchandise to check out. There are even panels featuring your favorite actors talking about their experiences on set and fan Q&A’s. Depending on your badge level you can get a seat right up close to the stage!


Some lucky fans got to hang with SOA’S Ron Perlman!


Walker Stalker Con


“Walker Stalker Con is by fans, for fans. Our focus is on authentic interactions with actors, free family friendly activities, and a relaxed environment where the actors we love can be themselves.

The best place to talk to a Celebrity Guest? At their autograph table! Just line up at each Celebrity’s booth to buy yours! Each actor has a selection of 8X10 photographs you can choose from, or you can bring an object for the actor to sign at their discretion!”

Check out the Gallery Below!!



I even got to meet with some of the Sons of Anarchy cast!!

Ron Perlman/ Tommy Flanagan/ Ryan Hurst/ Mark Boone Jr./ and Kim Coates




Show Floor

The show floor featured cool backdrops for photo-ops, and creepy cool merchandise and artwork for purchase.



KreationX (Horror masks) (fb/insta)



Fairy Corpse (handmade sculptures) (fb)


Adapt or Die

Check out the new book series Outbreak by Montgomery Harris.



Loved these Creepy Dolls!!!

Horror Dolls by Marilyn Mansfield


Nevermore designs

(glassware and apparel)   (fb/insta)

Bonkers for Beanies

(handmade crafts knit beanies) by Sherry Stevens Wilkins


Marf Daze Geek

(Handmade goodies) Get your geek on


Vulgardragon’s Den

(B&W art) Chad Susan (FB) Vulgardragon’s Den

_DSC8273_DSC8272Beautiful traditional B&W Artwork by: Chad Susan






Trey TVcosplayer3cosplayer4Trey TV (Trey Eversman) @_treytv (insta)


 Check out some footage from the SOA panel below!


Can’t wait to see what is in store for next year!

Don’t forget to follow Walker Stalker on social media! We’re on Twitter, Instagram, & Snapchat: @walkrstalkrcon! We’re also on Facebook and Flickr. Come find us!

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