Tribeca Games Spotlight: All the extraordinary Video Games at the 2022 Tribeca Games Showcase

Otakus and Geeks got to attend the Tribeca Press Preview days for Tribeca Games and experience playable demos of the upcoming featured games. This year’s Festival features 9 official Games selections that demonstrate phenomenal storytelling, art, and innovation through interactive experiences. Festival goers will be the first to experience a playable Games Gallery at Spring Studios, featuring demos, art, and artifacts for this year’s selections, which include: American Arcadia, As Dusk Falls, The Cub, Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course, IMMORTALITY, OXENFREE II: Lost Signals, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Thirsty Suitors and Venba.

I got to play and experience each of these game selections, and also speak with some of the creators. Every single one of these games was intriguing, well- thought out and completely original. A game that completely caught my attention is the new thriller “As Dusk Falls” coming from X-Box Studios, this game is going to be a literal game-changer.
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Check out all of the Tribeca Games Selections Below:

Tribeca Games at the Tribeca Festival celebrates the convergence of games, entertainment and culture, highlighting the storytelling, art and innovation of games. Tribeca champions every frontier in the art of storytelling, and video games are at the forefront of pushing narrative to ever greater heights. 

Our advisory board of visionary leaders in both the film and games industry champion Tribeca’s power in shaping the future of games as a powerful form of storytelling.

The festival kicked off with the Tribeca Games Spotlight, a digital showcase featuring exclusive gameplay and creator interviews from Tribeca’s official selections co-hosted by Janina Gavankar, Rahul Kohli, and Abubakar Salim. (June 10th)

American Arcadia (Out of the Blue Studios / Raw Fury)
Action, Drama, Thriller, Science Fiction, Technology

Welcome to Arcadia! A 70s retro-futuristic metropolis where all of its citizens enjoy a life of luxury and comfort… unaware that they’re being broadcast live 24/7! Arcadia is not an ordinary city, but the most-watched reality show on the planet—where a drop in popularity ratings comes at the highest cost: death. Uncover the truth and escape with your life from a televised utopia in Out of the Blue’s brand new puzzle platformer game.

As Dusk Falls (INTERIOR/NIGHT / Xbox Game Studios)
Drama, Thriller *Mature

As Dusk Falls is an original interactive drama from INTERIOR/NIGHT that explores the entangled lives of two families across thirty years. Starting in 1998 with a robbery-gone-wrong in small town Arizona, the choices you make have a powerful impact on the characters’ lives in this uncompromising story of betrayal, sacrifice and resilience.

The Cub (Demagog Studio / Untold Tales)
Action, Environmental, Music, Science Fiction

Welcome to Earth after The Great Climate Catastrophe, where only the ultra-rich managed to evacuate to Mars. Decades have passed and those on Mars venture back to Earth to collect specimens like a safari hunt. As the Cub, a mutant orphan immune to the toxins that killed off most of humanity, players will be relentlessly hunted by a science expedition and must run to safety amongst the ruins of Earth. Featuring an original soundtrack program, Radio Nostalgia from Mars.

Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course (Studio MDHR)
Animation, Action

Another helping of classic Cuphead action awaits you in Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course. Brothers Cuphead and Mugman are joined by the clever, adventurous Ms. Chalice for a rollicking adventure on a previously undiscovered Inkwell Isle. With the aid of new weapons, magical charms, and Ms. Chalice’s unique abilities, assist the jolly Chef Saltbaker and take on a new cast of fearsome, larger-than-life bosses in Cuphead’s final challenging quest.

IMMORTALITY (Half Mermaid Productions)
Experimental, Horror, Thriller, Art, Mystery *Mature

Marissa Marcel was a film star. She made three movies. But none of the movies were ever released. And then Marissa Marcel disappeared.

After discovering rare footage from her three lost movies—Ambrosio (1968), Minsky (1970) and Two of Everything (1999)—award winning Game Director Sam Barlow (Her Story, Telling Lies) has assembled an interactive trilogy in which players can explore the legend of Marissa Marcel through her work.

OXENFREE II: Lost Signals (Night School Studio / Netflix)
Animation, Drama, Thriller, Science Fiction, Mystery

OXENFREE II: Lost Signals is the mind-bending follow-up to the critically-acclaimed narrative adventure game OXENFREE from Night School Studio. In the small coastal town of Camena, unnaturally occurring electromagnetic waves are causing interference with electrical and radio equipment. Reluctantly, Riley Poverly returns to her hometown to investigate the mystery. What she finds is more than she bargained for.

A Plague Tale: Requiem (Asobo Studio / Focus Entertainment)
Horror, Action, Women, Drama, Thriller, Mystery

This direct sequel to A Plague Tale: Innocence follows Amicia and her brother Hugo on a heartrending journey into a breathtaking, brutal medieval world twisted by supernatural forces as they discover the cost of saving loved ones in a desperate struggle for survival. Strike from the shadows or unleash hell, and overcome foes and challenges with a variety of weapons, tools, and unearthly powers. A Plague Tale : Requiem will be released in 2022 on consoles and PC.

Thirsty Suitors (Outerloop Games / Annapurna Interactive)
Action, Women, Comedy, Drama, LGBTQIA, Romance, Asian Diaspora Stories

Jala is a young woman returning home for her sister’s wedding and confronting her past. With wildly varied gameplay, Jala will fight skate punks, random suitors, and ultimately, her exes, in the ultimate battle to heal old hurts and ignite new truths, bringing Jala closer to understanding what she wants from her future. Can she learn to love herself and heal the wounds of her past?

Venba (Visai Games)
Animation, Experimental, Food, Asian Diaspora Stories

Venba is a narrative cooking game centered around an Indian mom who immigrates to Canada with her family in the 1980s. Players will cook various dishes, restore lost recipes, engage in branching conversations, and explore a story about family, love, loss and more.

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