Nadya’s Art Life


Art has always been my passion, since I was a little kid I would scribble every chance I had. From making paper dolls, to my own comics, to making costumes for my barbies.

I originally wanted to be a fashion designer but I have always been fascinated by superheroes, cartoons and comic book art. I find my style to incorporate both.

I decided to share some of my artwork with you!

I try to sketch as much as I can. These are some quick sketches from my current sketchbook that I carry everywhere with me. I like to sketch on the train, at a coffee shop, by the Hudson river on my break or whenever I have some free time.

Self-portrait sketch: 




Deadpool scribbles
Deadpool sketch





I am also a big fan of anime/ manga. Two of my favorites!

Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) and Resident Evil: the Marhawa Desire


Hack/slash sketch



My favorite Punisher! Jon Bernthal


Bane sketch


Some NYCC cosplayers I photographed and sketched!

Penguin & Dee Dee Twins!!






7 Replies to “Nadya’s Art Life”

  1. Love the art work! Your story is very relatable to artists and the fact that you keep creating is inspiring!


  2. Nadya, You are so talented it’s insane!!! Love this post and your artwork so much!


    1. Love the art. And your Punisher art has reminded me I better binge watch the rest of the series before it gets pulled of Netflix! And Jon’s portraly of Frank is just mesmerising. The only version of Punisher that has made me feel sympathy towards the character.


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