Last weekend was the 4th Annual Khem Comic Book Fest in New Jersey!


The Khem Comic Book Fest is an annual convention held at Central High School in Newark, NJ featuring creators of comics, books, film, animation and other media with a focus on artists and characters of color. 


The festival was jam packed with art, games, live music, comics, cosplays and more! Khem Fest is very kid friendly, full of many fun activities for both children and adults alike. There were numerous vendors, guest speakers, panels and workshops for attendees to enjoy.

At Khem Fest there is something for everyone to enjoy! Whether you like mainstream comics, indie comics, toys or even video games. Some of the activities included were face painting, a full- on NERF challenge, cosplay workshops, and even a gaming lounge. There was also a live-music segment featuring hip hop underground artist and cosplayer ThaGataNegrra. Some of the panels this year were Black Women in Comics, how to create your own comic, a focus on extraordinary artist Mshindo I. Kuumba, and a cool segment on the Behind the Scenes of the epic Black Panther movie (featuring professionals in STEM careers acting/stunts).



For last years coverage & to learn more about 
Khem Fest CLICK HERE!!!


The festival was founded in 2014, by comic book creator and educator Naseed Gifted; with a goal to develop youth literacy and expression through reading, writing, drawing, and related media. The event is
co-sponsored by PBS Media and Central
High School of Newark, NJ.




Artist to Check Out

Nadia Burgess: Tough Spirit Creations



Multi-Artist & Filmmaker + Cake Creator 
Check her out on FB & Instagram 


Kalani Carballo: Dummie Comics Inc.


 Writer/ Co-Founder Independent Comic Company

Check them out on FB & Instagram  

Andre Leroy Davis: 4HipHopHeads


Artist,writer,creator of The Last Word
Check him out on FB, Instagram and Twitter 


Samad Onque: Slimsuliart/ On-Q-Comics

Comic book artist/ graphic novelist; creator of RATCHETMAN. Co founder On-Q Comics
Check them out on FB and Instagram


” Marvel’s Black Panther: A Comic Book Biography, From Stan Lee to Ta-Nehisi Coates by Todd Steven Burroughs. Through a textual analysis, this book narrates the history of the character from his first appearance in 1966—the same year, the Black Panther Party was formed in Oakland, California—through Ta-Nehisi Coates’ version in 2015.”

 Historian, Journalist, Popular Culture Geek

Check him out on Twitter

 UnderGround Comixxx & Hairy ink Publishing
Eric M. Cooper: Star Enforcers & Knight SeekerPhoe-nix Nebula 



Eric M. Cooper Novelist and Comic Book Writer



Black Panther: Behind The Scenes
powered by


Cast members talk about being on the set of the smash hit Black Panther, doing stunts, and the impact of this movie.

Moderated by: Maurice Waters (Black Sci-Fi)
Marija Abney (Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Luke Cage, Black Nativity)
Niahlah Hope (Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, The Punisher, Orange is the New Black)
Jeremy Sample (Black Panther, Luke Cage, The Defender, The Breaks, The Get Down)


Mshindo Hour: Focus on artist MSHINDO KUUMBA

Focus on the extraordinary artist  & the upcoming project Dynasty of the Magi


Art director/ visual artist/ comics
creator, cover artist, dancer, martial artist
Check him out on Twitter




Here is an exclusive look at the upcoming multi-player game from Founder/CEO Derrick Garvin featuring art by Mshindo!!



Make sure to follow them for all the latest updates  FB, Instagram, Twitter

PoetCode LLC is a creative content company that produces The Dynasty of the Magi fantasy franchise on going e-book series and integrated MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) 

Imagine if you could join your favorite fantasy or sci-fi series and become a character in it—impacting each book for good or evil!

Keep a look out for an upcoming feature of  DYNASTY OF THE MAGI coming soon!!!!

Also KHEM FEST Gallery 2018 up NOW!! 




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