How would you define a HERO?

The Main Characters of Issue 1

Cry Hero #1: The Choice

How would you define a hero? As someone that ultimately risks their life for others?.. Can  make crucial life or death decisions in a moments notice? What if they had to choose who lives and who dies? Every choice we make has a consequence” ; that is the premise of the new psychological thriller CRY HERO.

Created and written by Justin D. Williams with art by William Miron, Cry Hero is a new dangerously thrilling indie comic that you won’t want to put down. Literally from start to finish this jaw dropping, high intensity story does not hold back. If 24 and Die Hard had a baby you’d have Cry Hero.


Meet protagonist Skyler Archer; dedicated family man and celebrated Detective who is called to the scene of a major bomb threat.


The story begins with a hold up at the Metro City Mall by a ruthless gang known as “The Radicals.” The elevators have been rigged with deadly explosives. When the Metro City police department arrive at the scene they learn that only Detective Skyler Archer may enter the mall or all the bombs will go off. A criminal nicknamed by the media as “The Snatcher” is threatening to explode the bombs as some kind of game to test Detective Archer; that he likes to call “CHOICES.”

What does it mean to be a hero? Detective Archer is put to the ultimate test when he must make the biggest decision and sacrifice of his life with dire consequences. With just the push of a button Archer must decide the fate of all those trapped in the elevators. This “game” will psychologically change him forever.

The Characters:

“The Snatcher” Mark Wright


The evil mastermind behind the gruesome attack on the mall is serial kidnapper, Mark Wright aka “The Snatcher.” He is the main villain for the first arc of this series, with a personal vendetta against Detective Archer he will stop at nothing to get into Skyler’s head.

Melinda Davis


Reporter and childhood friend of Detective Archer is on the scene of this tragic incident.

Bernard Drake


A security guard at the Metro City Mall, also Skyler’s best friend, who is at the mall during the incident and has the detective’s back.  

Stacy and Emily Archer


Detective Skyler’s wife Stacy and daughter Emily.


Cry Hero: The Story

Cry Hero is an interactive comic book that lets readers become a part of the world that is Metro City. Here you can find the Metro City daily newspaper, police files, an episodic animated short and short stories that connect to the events in Issue 1.

In this section you will be able to read all the side stories that connect to the main arc of Cry Hero. Usually with comic books tie-in’s come in the form of an extra issue. However here at Cry Hero we want to explore other mediums and avenues to tell a compelling story. Our side stories are told through various ways such as games, newspaper articles, audio recordings and short stories and film shorts. To better understand the connected tissue here is the proper order to read the tie in stories.


I really love their way of making the story interactive. This is an awesome way to entice readers! 

Everything from the compelling story to the artwork keeps the reader wanting more.
The artwork ties in perfectly with the story-line. It has a very cinematic feel to it, with fantastic angles and dramatic view points. The story is easy to follow, and builds the intensity of the drama and climatic moments. 


Heart to Heart Concept Art Jazz LoungeSkyler

Both Justin and William do such a good job of making you feel for the characters. You feel the intensity of the characters and their connections with each other, you feel the pain, and angst. I want to keep this review as spoiler free as possible so that readers can really experience this tragic story.

You can order a digital copy on amazon and on the Cry Hero SHOP NOW!


Comic Book readers looking for an adrenaline-filled story pumped with nonstop action look no further! Cry Hero is extreme, edge of your seat mind-blowing blood pumping tragedy that will leave you wanting more!

There will be multiple language translation editions coming out later this year in Spanish, Portuguese and eventually Japanese!

It gets much darker from here on in. Issue 2 should be out next year since it’s a two-man team it takes a while. Cry Hero is available on Kindle and Nook with iBooks, Comixology and Google Books coming Fall 2018. Physical copies coming soon, make sure to stay tuned.


Instagram: @cryherocomic

Twitter: @CryHeroComic 



*All photos courtesy of CRY HERO COMIC

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