NYCC: DJ/Producer Steve Aoki celebrated his NEON FUTURE sci-fi graphic novel

DJ/Producer Steve Aoki Celebrates Graphic Novel release

“Superstar DJ Steve Aoki speaks to a New York Comic Con fan at his Neon Future graphic novel signing with Impact Theory”


Steve Aoki NY Comic Con

“This past Sunday at New York Comic Con Grammy nominated DJ/Producer Steve Aoki celebrated his NEON FUTURE sci-fi graphic novel release with co-creators Tom Bilyeu (Impact Theory CEO) and Jim Krueger (Eisner award-winning writer) and fans.    Steve is a well known sci-fi, tech and future science enthusiast who credits comic books as influencing his creative & entrepreneurial endeavors in music, fashion, art, entertainment and more.

The NEON FUTURE comic book launched last year at NY Comic Con and yesterday marked its 1 year anniversary with the graphic novel release. Due to the success of the series, it has been green lit for six more issues available in 2020.  The series takes place 30 years in the future in a world where advanced technology is outlawed by the government and a war is brewing between those who have chosen to augment themselves and those who have not.

Aoki continues to push the envelope with creative collaborations in music, art and fashion including recent collabs with Darren Criss, The Backstreet Boys’ “Let It Be Me,” STEVE AOKIFŪL travel wear and release of his memoir Blue: The Color of Noise.”

“Renowned South Korean artist Kim Jung Gi sketches during a SYFY Wire Stage interview with the Neon Future comic creators Superstar DJ Steve Aoki, Impact Theory CEO Tom Bilyeu and Eisner winner Jim Krueger at New York Comic Con.”


Neon Future 

neon future
Courtesy of Impact Theory Comics

In a future where technology is illegal, a war is brewing between the Augmented, who have chosen to integrate technology into their bodies, and the Authentic, who have not. The resistance movement, Neon Future, strives to bring peace by showing the world a brighter future in harmony with technology.

But when Authentic hero and TV Star Clay Campbell dies unexpectedly, Neon Future’s mysterious leader Kita Sovee (inspired by Steve Aoki) is forced to decide whether to use his latest technological innovation to bring Clay back from the dead. This choice threatens to tip the uneasy balance between the government and the techno-class into an all-out civil war.

From Eisner Award-Winning Jim Krueger comes an innovative and compelling story of the dangers of blind trust and the power of human potential.

*Intended for Mature Audiences*

“Superstar DJ Steve Aoki signs his Neon Future graphic novel for New York Comic Con fans at the Impact Theory booth”



*(Photos courtesy of Julian Cassady)

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