Ready to Explore the Multiverse! Guide to DC FanDome Pt. 2

A few weeks ago millions tuned in for the epic DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes and now we’re only 2 days away from the highly anticipated second part of the global fan event. DC gave us hours of exciting content loaded with movie trailers, sneak peaks, game-play, and some of our favorite celebrities and creators. Now fans can tune in to even more fully loaded content joining fans from all over the world ! Check out the Full Panel line-up and how to explore the different worlds below!

Tune in to DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse, a 24-hour, on-demand experience accessed via the program scheduler on Saturday, September 12.


Splitting the event helped ensure that fans can see everything without out having too many panels conflict. With so much content and over 100+ Hours of programming it can get a little overwhelming, so here’s a little guide to help you plan and navigate the Multiverse of DC FanDome. Also it looks like this time around fans can choose which panels to watch at any time during the 24 hour event.
(DC FanDome can be accessed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device at

Plan your personal DC FanDome schedule HERE:

(If you haven’t already: create an account/ and select panels to add to your calendar)

There are six “Verses” to choose from: Hall of Heroes, WatchVerse, KidsVerse, YouVerse, FunVerse, and InsiderVerse


Hall of Heroes: On Saturday Aug. 22nd we saw all the major programming content, panels and reveals from DC like The Suicide Squad cast reveal, new trailers from The Batman, Wonder Woman 1984 and Gotham knights gameplay!

Explore the Multiverse: On September 12, DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse will offer DC fans the experience of a lifetime, with full access to more than 100 hours of on-demand content at your own pace and schedule. This is the time for fans to suit up and determine their own adventure, selecting from exclusive panel sessions, screenings and never-before-seen content from the DC Multiverse of films, television, comics and games.

  • WatchVerse: Features loads of panels and screenings where fans can watch hours of DC Content including CW, DCU television series, black nerd culture and comic book panels.
  • KidsVerse: is a kid-friendly event featuring a Teen Titans tower, a DC Super Hero Girls’ Cafe, read-alongs and karoake. DC Kids FanDome will be accessed separately at DC FanDome is Almost Here and It’s Not Just the Adults Who Get All the Fun!
  • YouVerse: is a celebration where fans display their art, cosplay, and other fan-made content inspired by the DC Universe.
  • FunVerse: is where fans can enjoy interactive activities like trivia, selfie stations, escape rooms and buy merch.
  • InsiderVerse: offers fans behind-the-scenes looks at some fan favorite comics, movies and television series.
WatchVerse: Saturday, September 12 – September 13
  • A League of One: The Dwayne McDuffie Story – Screening
  • All Super-Villains – Panel
  • Ask Harley Quinn (uncensored)
  • Bawse Females of Color within the DC Universe – Panel
  • Batman: The Joker War!
  • Batman: Three Jokers
  • Batwoman – Panel
  • Black Lightning- Panel
  • Brazil Loves DC: For the Glory of the Fans! – Panel
  • Creating Heroes: The Life and Art of Jim Lee – Screening
  • DC Art Mzansi Masterclass: South Africa – Panel
  • DC Down Under: Australia and New Zealand – Panel
  • DC Showcase Collection – Batman: Death in the Family – Panel
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
  • DC’s Stargirl – Panel
  • Discover DC in Japan – Panel
  • Doom Patrol – Panel
  • From the Middle East to DC, with Love – Panel
  • GLSEN Presents: You Brought Me the Ocean with Alex Sánchez – Panel
  • Game On: Venus Williams and Jim Lee
  • Great Big Story: Magic Wheelchair
  • Harley Quinn – Panel
  • I’m Latinx, What’s Your Superpower? – Panel
  • Mostly DCeased – Panel
  • The Flash – Panel
  • Pennyworth – Panel
  • The Expansion of DC’s Watchmen Universe – Panel
  • Legion of Super Heroes – Panel
  • Young Justice – Cast Audio Play Performance and Panel
  • Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons – Panel
  • Titans – Panel
  • Lucifer – Panel
  • Inside Injustice – Making the Hit Games & Comics – Panel
  • Teen Titans: Spotlight on Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo – Panel
  • Italy Loves DC – Panel
  • Take a Tour of DC’s Death Metal Metalverse!
  • New Voices of Wonder Woman – Panel
  • Injustice 2 Show Match – Latin America/Brazil
  • Latin America Celebrates DC! – Panel
  • Real Life Super Heroes! The Story of Muckle Mannequins – Germany
  • Live like a DC Super Hero in Spain – Spain
  • Truth, Justice, and The DC Comics Way – Panel
  • Superman: Man of Tomorrow – Panel
  • Rendez-vous with DC: France – Panel
  • Superman & Lois – Panel
  • Reintroducing Nubia: The Black Amazonian Queen – Panel
  • Static Shock – Episode Screening
  • John Ridley and The Other History of the DC Universe
  • Unity of Hero
  • PHONY PPL Live Performance
  • Watchmen Unmasked
  • Ziggy Marley – Live Performance
  • Immortal Vigilante: Hooded Justice – Screening
  • etalk Celebrates DC Canada

InsiderVerse: Saturday, September 12 – September 13

  • A Look Behind the Music
  • Accelerating Design: The New Batmobile
  • Artists Around the World Draw – How I Broke into Comics: Amanda Conner (U.S.)
  • Artists Around the World Draw – How I Broke Into Comics: Gabriel Picolo (Brazil)
  • Artists Around the World Draw – How I Broke Into Comics: Emanuela Lupacchino (Italy)
  • Artists Around the World Draw – How I Broke Into Comics: Jamal Campbell (Canada)
  • Artists Around the World Draw – How I Broke Into Comics: Artgerm (Singapore)
  • Designing the Animated Heroes of the DC Universe – Panel
  • Hot Wheels: An Inside Look at Batmobiles and Beyond – Panel
  • DK Book Publishers: How DC Books Get Made – Panel
  • Penguin Random House – Panel
  • Insight Editions – Panel
  • Look, Up in the Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman
  • The Sonic Landscape of Man of Steel
  • Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics
  • Creating DC Lands & Rides at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi
  • DC Spotlight: SHAZAM!
  • Visualizing Gotham: The Production Design of Batman
  • Legends of the Dark Knight: The History of Batman
  • Sleek, Sexy and Sinister: The Costumes of Batman Returns
  • Crafting the Wonder
  • The Magical World of SHAZAM!
  • Returning to the Roots of Arrow: Prometheus
  • The Magic Behind the Cape
  • I’m Batman: The Voices Behind the Cowl – Panel
  • Artists Around the World Draw – How I Broke Into Comics: Mikel Janín (Spain)
  • Vision & Fury
  • Going Deep Into the World of Aquaman
  • Smallville – Absolute Justice: From Script to Screen
  • Gotham: A Modern Mythology
  • Gotham by Noir Light: The Cinematography of Crime Fiction
  • Gotham – The Dark Within the Dark: The Court of Owls
  • Gotham Invented: Building Our Gotham
  • Gotham Invented: Fractured Villains of Gotham
  • Gotham – Villains: Modes of Persuasion
  • Krypton – Bringing the Home World to Life
  • Smallville – Behind Closed Doors: Inside the Writers’ Room
  • Supergirl – Pilot EPK
  • Lucifer – Pilot EPK
  • Masterpiece: Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns
  • Black Lightning – Comic-Con 2018 Sizzle Reel
  • Watchmen – Becoming Sister Night
  • Pennyworth – Season One Inside Look
  • Black Lightning – Pilot EPK
  • Batwoman – Pilot EPK
  • Titans – Jason Todd: Fate by the Fans
  • Gotham Invented: Paving the Way for the Caped Crusader
  • Supergirl – A World Left Behind: Krypton
  • Gotham – Pilot EPK
  • Black Lightning – DC in D.C. Highlights
  • How Supergirl Celebrates Strong Women
  • Long Live Superman
  • Reflections – Tracy Martin, DC Manager of Talent Relations
  • The Flash – Pilot EPK
  • Reflections – Behind the Scenes: Black Lightning
  • Cold Red War from Superman: Red Son (2020)
  • Interactive Credit Roll
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Pilot EPK
  • Reflections – Odetta Watkins, Executive Vice President, Current Programming, Warner Bros. Television
  • Reflections – Pam Morrow, First Warner Bros. Female Labor Department Foreperson
  • Reflections – Kiki Aguilar, Mail Services, Warner Bros. Studio Facilities
  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood: The Wonder Woman Costume
  • Wonder Woman Drone Video
  • The Batmobile
  • Batman and Me: The Bob Kane Story
  • Collecting the Grades
  • Arrow – Pilot EPK
  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood: Picture Cars
  • Lights on Leavesden
  • CNN’s Great Big Story
  • The Fire Rises: The Creation and Impact of the Dark Knight Trilogy
  • WW84 Amazon: Patty Jenkins
  • From Sketch to Statue: An Interview with J. Scott Campbell
  • DC Graphic Novel Masterclass: How to Break into Comics – Writers
  • McFarlane Toys
  • Drawn: Black DC Super Heroes with Ken Lashley
  • Snyder Cut: A Look Behind the Music
  • Aquaman Fan Questions
  • Flash Fan Questions
  • DC Graphic Novel Masterclass: How to Break Into Comics – Artists
  • DC Multiverse: Comics Master Class
  • Multiverse Masterclass: Animation
  • Jim Lee: Creating the Hall of Heroes
  • Behind the Scenes of the Arrowverse Crossover – Panel
  • Creating a World: A Look into the Production Design of the DC Film Universe – Panel
  • The Super Designers Behind the Super Suits – Panel
  • Propping Up a Set – Panel
  • Heroes Behind the Action – Panel
  • Capturing the Action in Still Frame – Panel
  • The Magicians of VFX: Making Supergirl and SHAZAM! Fly – Panel
  • Hustle & Know: How to Make it in Costumes – Panel
  • Warner Bros. & Advanced Narratives – The Future of Storytelling – Panel
  • WW84: Fan Questions
  • Zillions of Industry Jobs (Multiple videos on Demand)
    As an insider, you’ll have the unique opportunity to hear directly from professionals in key roles as they explain their jobs exclusively for InsiderVerse.
  • iZOMBIE – Pilot EPK
YouVerse: Saturday, September 12 – September 13
  • And the Winner Is…
  • Best of Cosplay – Villains
  • DC Virtual Run
  • Jim Lee Reacts to Cosplay & Fandom
  • Celebration of DC Fans at Home
  • Celebration of Villains Fan Art
  • Celebration of DC Ink
  • Celebration of Women of DC Fan Art & Cosplay
  • Jim Lee Reacts to Fan Art
  • Sam Register Portfolio Review – Mauren Santos (Brazil)
  • NYX Professional Makeup x #FACESOFDC presents @Aaliyahjay as POISON IVY
  • Jim Lee Portfolio Review – Christian Arbulu (Peru)
  • Sam Register Portfolio Review – Freddy Navarro (Spain)
  • DC Delicious – Gotham Tablescape
  • Fan Q&A with Cast and Crew of Wonder Woman 1984
  • Fan Q&A with Jim Lee
  • Jim Lee Portfolio Review – Mohammad Haque (USA)
  • Jim Lee Portfolio Review – Dheeraj Verma (India)
  • Nina Ha – Wonder Woman Crafts
  • Celebration of DC Pets
  • Sam Register Portfolio Review – Jeffrey Karl (Germany)
  • Celebration of Heroes Fan Art
  • Celebration of Group Cosplay
  • Greg Berlanti Reacts to Fan Art
  • Sam Register Portfolio Review – Yves Navant (US)
  • Jim Lee Portfolio Review – Suzan Rakocy (Poland)
  • Celebration of Heroes Cosplay
  • NYC Professional Makeup x #FACESOFDC presents @GoreJessFX as CATWOMAN
  • Great Big Story: Rewriting the Super Hero Story Through Cosplay
  • Fan Q&A with the Cast and Crew of Shazam!
  • Jim Lee Portfolio Review – Jessica Silvan (Spain)
  • NYX Professional Makeup x #FACESOFDC presents @JordanHanz as WONDER WOMAN
  • Great Big Story: Magic Wheelchair
  • Fan Q&A with Cast and Crew of The Suicide Squad
  • NYX Professional Makeup x #FACESOFDC presents @XtianaLana as HARLEY QUINN
  • Fan Q&A with Cast and Crew of Aquaman
  • Fan Q&A with Cast and Crew of WBTV DCTV Series
  • NYX Professional Makeup x #FACESOFDC presents @VictoriaLyn as MERA
  • Fan Q&A with Cast and Crew of The Flash (Film)
  • Stars from DCTV Series React to Fan Art
  • Super Stars, Super Fans
  • To the Batmobile!
FunVerse: Saturday, September 12 – September 13
  • Amusement Mile
  • Amusement Mile: Batman Dark Flight: Warner Bros. Fun Zone (Macau)
  • Amusement Mile: Batman Dark Flight: Warner Bros. Fun Zone (Illinois)
  • Amusement Mile: Batman Dark Flight: Warner Bros. Fun Zone (California)
  • Blerd & Boujie – Coloring Fun For Everyone
  • Blerd & Boujie- Celebration featuring DJ set by D-Nice
  • Animate your photos with Enlight Pixaloop
  • Customize your DC Chevy Trailblazer
  • Downloadables
  • DC Super Hero Quiz
  • Lego Fun Zone
  • Selfie Station
  • Official DC FanDome Store
  • Joker Escape Room
KidsVerse: Saturday, September 12 – September 13
  • Ask the Titans
  • Batman Carpool
  • Batman Beyond
  • Brick Builders (batmobile/ beast boy/ bumble bee/ robin)
  • DC Karaoke
  • DC Kids Crafts
  • DC Origami
  • DC Super Hero Girls Season 2 Sneak Peak
  • DC Read-Along (multiple)
  • Draw Along with Jim Lee and Family
  • How to Draw a Super Hero
  • How it’s Made: Comics 101
  • Babs’ Vlog
  • DC Kids Comic Book Reader
  • DC Super Hero Girls’ Lairs
  • Make Your Own Comic Book
  • DC Knows…Animation!
  • DC LEGO® Building
  • LEGO® Lab
  • Teen Titans Go! Fitness
  • Titans Tower Game Central
  • Teen Titans Go! Cast Table Read and Panel


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best way to access DC FanDome?

DC FanDome can be accessed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device at

Is DC FanDome available on mobile?

Yes, all video content in DC FanDome is available on mobile.

Do I have to download an app or other software in order to participate?

No.  Everything takes place in your browser.  Recommended browsers are Google Chrome 56 and above and Firefox 51 and above.

What time does DC FanDome begin and end?

DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes will begin at 10am PT (UTC-7) on August 22 and end at 10am PT on August 23. DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse will begin at 10am PT (UTC-7) on September 12 and end at 10am PT on September 13. You can see your local time zones on the schedule page at

What if I miss it?  Will the event be available at a later time to view?

Just like a live event, the full DC FanDome experience will be available for 24 hours only.  If you don’t watch it during the 24 hours, you will miss it (unless you have access to time travel). For those in different time zones around the world, Hall of Heroes programming will run 3 times consecutively (it’s an 8-hour program); other programming will be available only once in the 24-hour timeline. Check the schedule for details and ability to create your own custom schedule.For more frequently asked questions click HERE:


*Courtesy of DC Press Portal/ WB

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