Take a Moment: Experience The Breathtaking Immersive Documentary Awaken


Directed, Shot And Produced By Tom Lowe And Executive Produced By Terrence Malick And Godfrey Reggio 

This film is a bit different from my usual coverage but we all need to take a step back sometimes and just embrace all of life’s beautiful wonders. I had the opportunity to sit down and watch a screening of this incredible immersive 4K documentary. AWAKEN is an exhilarating experience that the whole family can enjoy. It’s important to remember what’s important and appreciate all the beautiful things in life we take for granted. This stunning cinematic experience makes you feel like you are there in the moment and witnessing all these beautiful moments around the globe. 

Awaken is relaxing, gives viewers a sense of spirituality and gratitude observing these cultural and worldly encounters. The film explores humanity, technology, and nature and was shot entirely in 4K over a span of 5 -years in more than 30 countries. The serene cinematography lets the viewer transcend in the slow motion moments of tranquility, feeling the movement in this meditative and gratifying landscape. Take about 80 minutes out of your busy lives and immersive yourself into a glimpse of these astonishing different cultures, traditions and wildlife. 

Chasing Aurora in Kiruna, Sweden

Lowe captures life’s precious moments in crisp full 4K detail of various cityscapes, mountaintops and beautiful landscapes around the world. The film features state-of-the-art time-lapse, slow-motion, underwater and aerial cinematography techniques to give audiences a worldly outlook. I highly recommend this documentary to filmmakers, and anyone interested in videography, photography, global studies or art. 

AWAKEN is set to debut on Apple TV, Amazon and all other major VOD platforms on April 9th.

Carnaval de Oruro, Bolivia

AWAKEN, illuminating the importance of the preservation of our planet, is the newest edition to Gunpowder & Sky’s (DUST, the number one free sci-fi channel) robust library of documentaries that approach societal issues in new, interesting and entertaining ways.

AWAKEN is composed by Joseph Trapanese, known for his sleek score work in blockbuster films such as The Greatest Showman, Oblivion, Tron: Legacy and Straight Outta Compton.

AWAKEN is a celebration of the spirit of life, and of humanity’s relationship with technology and the natural world, which is exactly the type of film we seek for DUST,” says Janet Brown, Executive Vice President of Global Distribution and Commercial Operations, Gunpowder & Sky. “Lowe, Malick, Reggio and Trapanese are all juggernauts in their respective industries, and together, they delivered a truly stunning, exceptional film. We can’t wait to share it with the world.”

“‘AWAKEN’ is epic in scale and brings unseen sights and breathtaking perspectives to the human eye for the first time.” – INDIEWIRE 

…as gorgeous and breathtaking as both Voyage of Time and Tree of Life.” – INDIEWIRE 

Pole fisherman at sunset in Sri Lanka


Gunpowder & Sky is an independent studio that creates and distributes feature films, series, short form content, podcasts and channels, bridging digital and traditional entertainment. Since its inception in 2016, Gunpowder & Sky has released more than 30 feature films and series, more than 750 short films in theatres, on TVOD and on leading platforms such as HBO, Netflix, MTV, Hulu, Sky, Showtime, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Quibi, Audible and Discovery.

With a collective audience of more than 65M monthly unique viewers, Gunpowder & Sky also owns and operates content brands that include DUST, the number one free sci-fi channel; ALTER, a leading horror brand, and CUT, an unscripted & comedy brand. DUST, ALTER and CUT are distributed on all major streaming platforms including Apple, Amazon, Comcast, Facebook, Peacock, Roku, Samsung, Sinclair, Sling, Vizio, Xumo and YouTube.

Gunpowder & Sky also recently launched its premium audio studio, and in less than one year has established a leading position in music and sci-fi, claiming #1 fiction podcast on Apple and the #1 podcast on Audible.

Kevin Packer Steadicam operator filming in Kyoto
Japan with custom infrared beam-splitter rig from
Radiant Images.


AWAKEN is director Tom Lowe’s debut feature film. His 2012 short film “Timescapes” attracted a passionate following and support from companies like Canon, Adobe and Google.  During production of “Timescapes” in September 2010, Lowe was named Astronomy Photographer of the Year by the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. He has since served as second-unit director for mentors Terrence Malick (Voyage of Time) and Godfrey Reggio (Visitors).

From Orange County, California, Lowe served in combat with the US Army. In 2007, he founded Timescapes.org, a public-discussion forum dedicated to timelapse. Tom was involved in the resurgence of timelapse during its 2008-2011 digital renaissance. He pioneered new timelapse techniques and lexicon and helped design a next generation of motion-control robotics. Lowe is currently developing a new film franchise “Alétheia” and is involved in machine-learning research. 


Dubai Film LLC is one of the largest production companies in the Middle East. Started in 2012, Dubai Film has won awards in the fields of photography and production. It has a diversified portfolio that covers artistic, cinematic, documentary and sports film production. Based in United Arab Emirates, Dubai Film is a full-service production company that melds technological wizardry with a passion to create art.

Recent productions include 5 years filming in over 30 countries for the documentary AWAKEN (2021) directed by Tom Lowe, executive produced by Terrence Mallick (Tree of Life) and Godfrey Reggio (Koyaanisqatsi), scored by Joe Trapanese (Tron: Legacy) and narrated by Liv Tyler (Lord of the Rings). As well as Fittest in Dubai (2019), a CrossFit documentary featuring Mat Fraser that was purchased by Netflix.

AWAKEN debuts on April 9th on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and all other major VOD platforms.

*Courtesy of ScandalCoActive and Gunpowder & Sky

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