Ringdom: The Online Community for Sci- Fi Lovers and Upcoming Storytellers


*Courtesy of Ringdom/ the Brand Agency

Check out the new immersive App. Ringdom; the perfect online Book Club For Sci-Fi Lovers! Ringdom, Stary’s sci-fi platform, gives fiction fans a platform to discover new authors and genres, as well as publish their own written adventures.  

Brought to you by Stary, an entertainment company of storytelling, Ringdom is an up-and-coming online fictional land featuring adventurous, high-concept, and page-turning stories for booklovers everywhere. 

Courtesy of Ringdom

“Ringdom is dedicated to collecting high-quality genre fiction to provide its readers with the best immersive experience. Whether it’s an imaginary universe, paranormal endeavors, or even godly-like creatures, there’s a world of adventure for everyone to enjoy and immerse themselves in. The team at Ringdom believes that stories can help us has a temporary escape from our daily lives and awaken our souls to different worlds. Because of this, the app’s mission is to provide an odyssey for anyone to embark on and meet amazing new characters.  

The app, which is available on Google Play, offers readers relevant lists of recommended books based off a user’s previous reads. They have created a community of fiction fans who have access to various genres like thrillers, fantasies, gaming, paranormal urban, realistic urban and more. Ringdom has focused on engineering a reading ecosphere where everyone is connected. In order to create a sense of community within the platform, users are able to publish comments and thoughts on their favorite stories or share their own stories with others in the Ringdom community.”

Courtesy of Ringdom

“Not only does Ringdom create a community of fiction-loving readers, but it also encourages its members to start their storytelling careers through Stary, which offers aspiring writers a comfortable space to maximize their full potential by providing tools to publish and monetize their finished stories. Over  300,000 books have been written and published on Stary, reaching over  100 million readers  in over 130 regions and countries. Whether it’s gaining an upwards of $100K from one of their writing contests, establishing a following of devoted readers, or publishing their very first hardcover novel, authors have seen great success. 

Stary works with up-and-coming authors to publish their work on one of its relevant sub-platforms, depending on what the novel is about, to reach maximum readership. Writers can monetize their finished pieces and start getting paid once they publish over 3000 words to the platform. Once they reach this goal, they work with Stary to come up with a contract that encompasses payment and commission rates, which is always easily accessible to the writer.”


*Courtesy of Ringdom/ the Brand Agency

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