Check Out MariSole: The new Jordan Brand webcomic


The perfect web comic for sneaker heads, TIK TOKers, NYC teens, & YA readers ! There is a new original comic project MariSole that was created in conjunction with the NIKE SNKRS app for Jordan Brand. Not only is this the ultimate love letter to Jordan 1s, but the comic features an Afro-Latinx protagonist.

Meet Marisole, a junior living in Washington Heights moving to a new school mid-year, who loves collecting sneakers and connecting with her neighbors and local mom & pop shops. We join MariSole on her journey as she squares off with bullies at the local bodega, looks for prom dresses, and follow her days in the life of being a teenager growing up in NYC. MariSole is a fun coming of age story written by Jamila Rowser (Wash Day, Sun and Sand Comic Anthology), and drawn by a truly talented group of artists including Robyn Smyth (Wash Day, NUBIA: Real One) and Erin O’Neill Jones (Living Heroes, DC Comics Wonderful Women of History). The project’s creative director is Jordan Dinwiddle for W+K.

The web series reminds me of my hype beast days back in High School in the early 2000s when me and my friends would spend all our time hanging out and shopping in Soho. We were city kids growing up in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and the heights like Marisol, and Soho was always a fun vibrant experience. Checking out the latest sneakers was always something we looked forward to at that age. The web comic features some awesome artwork by this talented group of ladies and works well with the fun story that is definitely relatable to born and raised NYC kids with a love for fashion and sneaker culture. Nowadays kids have social media and can easily stay atop the latest trends.

You can already check out MariSole #1 Chapters (1- 3) & MariSole #2 Chapters (1-3) on the SNKRS app with new chapters coming soon!

download the SNKRS app. (It’s free!)

About MariSole

Marisol Mercedes Garcia—or Mari for short—is your average teenage girl from Washington Heights, New York City. And like any teenager in Anytown, USA, she’s still trying to figure things out: who she is, whether she’ll make friends at her new school, and which corner of her room is best for filming TikToks.

What makes Mari exceptional is not just her shining personality but her love for all things sneakers–your girl’s got deep shoe game. And her ultimate muse? The Air Jordan I–the shoe that started it all and her gateway into the culture.

But what makes Mari really, really special? She’s the star of her very own Jordan Brand webcomic, MariSole. Be on the lookout for Issue No. 2.5 soon!

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