PIRATE QUEENS the Dauntless Women who Dared to Rule the High Seas (Interview with Creators)

PIRATE QUEENS (NatGeo) Interview with creators Sara Woolley and Leigh Lewis

This incredible nonfiction project, tells the story of six different women from six different cultures who turn to piracy and RULED their day! Each one has elaborate illustrations which recreate their lives, an original poem, factual information, maps, and photos galore! 

I loved everything about this book, from learning about how a female pirate had fleets with literally thousands more than Blackbeard, to a female pirate essentially setting the stage for Vikings centuries later, and how female pirates successfully commanded ships through some of the most significant battles! Pirate Queens features a stunning cover and vibrant intricate artwork by award winning children’s book illustrator and comic artist Sara Woolley, who had to go through an extensive process to ensure both cultural and historical accuracy. Her beautiful hand-painted and digital paintings paired beautifully with Leigh Lewis’ writing and vision. Leigh tells the story of this 6 incredible women in such an interesting way that you want to dive in and learn all about these powerful warriors and their adventures.

Each pirate profile includes gorgeous full-color portraits, an original poem and fascinating information about the real life stories of these 6 extraordinary pirates. Sara and Leigh worked with some of the world’s leading experts and historians to make sure everything is accurate and properly represented.

Pirate Queens tells the true incredible stories about 6 pirate women throughout ancient history. These powerful females are among some of the most fearsome pirates in history so why don’t we know more about these women ? 

Catch us discuss these powerful women, the creators process/inspiration/challenges, the importance of telling these stories, and how we can continue using art such as poetry, comics, and children’s books as a platform to teach important lessons. (Full-length Interview above)

Written by: Leigh Lewis @leighwriting
Illustrated by: Sara Gomez Woolley @saritajeanine

Meet the Queens

Pirate Queens: (NAT GEO)

Artemisia of Caria, Anne Bonny, Sayyida al Hurrah, Sela, Grace O’Malley, and Ching Shih

“Most powerful pirate ever to have lived was a woman named Ching Shih, who dominated the South China Sea some 200 years ago.” She reigned over 80,000 men and women, the largest pirate fleet ever assembled.

-Pirate Queens (NATGEO)

This book is perfect for any history lovers, pirate fans, kids curious about adventures, parents that want to show their kids/teens what textbooks neglect to highlight, or for any female that wants to explore female empowerment and leadership.

About the Creators:

LEIGH LEWIS is a children’s writer and poet who has been “playing pirates” since she could walk. She does her best work in loud cafes, on long journeys, or in bed, late at night while everyone else sleeps. Her adventures on the high seas have enabled her to call many places “home,” including Turkey, Greece, England, and Russia, as well as cities all over the United States. Eventually, Lewis navigated her way back to her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, where she spends her time dreaming up stories for kids of all ages.

SARA GÓMEZ WOOLLEY is an award-winning children’s book illustrator whose clients include Scholastic, Random House, and more. Her recent children’s book, Charlotte and the Quiet Place, received a Foreword Reviews 2015 Book of the Year Gold Medal, an IPPY Award Silver Medal, and has been featured in Creative Quarterly’s Journal of Art & Design.

PIRATE QUEENS the Dauntless Women who Dared to Rule the High Seas, written by @leighwriting and illustrated by @saritajeanine is available NOW!

Pirate Queens (NATGEO)

Get Your copy HERE:

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