Check out these Top NYC Arcades & Barcades!

I am always looking for what’s new, geeky and fun to do in the city, from hanging out at local comic shops to checking out the latest toy shops and fun pop-ups. I’m a curator on Seek, a new NYC-based app complete with recommendations and tips on where to eat, drink, and hang out. Their recommendations are brought by New Yorkers who have tried a huge amount of places in the city. Check out their website at, as well as their app at Seek – NY City Recommendations to check out my personal recs. Check out this collaborative list from SEEK Curators featuring some of the top arcades and game shops!

Top NYC Arcades and Barcades

NYC Arcades and Barcades bring excitement and nostalgia with a large variety of current, classic, and indie titles all around the five boroughs. Whether you’re looking for a jam packed arcade with electronic titles or a more traditional pool table feel, check out these excellent picks by Seek, an NYC-based app full of recommendations from in-the-know and expert locals. Check out the list below from some of their top curators!

1. Chinatown Family Fun Center

Rec by: Jarry Lee

8 Mott St, New York, NY 10038

When you think of traditional arcades, you’re thinking of Chinatown Family Fun Center. This arcade has a range of cabinets and prizes available for tickets as well as rhythm and dancing games to the likes of Guitar Hero and Dance Dance revolution. There is something for everyone here, and while this location isn’t the largest, it’s totally packed with different types of games. Grab a rechargeable card at the front desk and swipe away! The location on Mott Street is also in prime Chinatown if you want to go before or after to any fun endeavors in the neighborhood. 

2. BeatTheBomb

Rec by SivaTheExplorer

255 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

If you’re looking for a more interactive escape room style venue, check out Beat The Bomb, located in Brooklyn. Book a session for you and your party and go through multiple interactive levels that require teamwork and communication to solve exciting puzzles. For those with a more competitive spirit, book a Battle Mode session to pit friends against each other for a great time. Their games feature laser tripwires, paint blasts, and more! Booking a session will allow your team to play five games, with the ultimate goal being of course, to beat the bomb.

3. The Bumper Factory 

Rec by curlytiff

35-08 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105

Pinball will and always will be a gaming and arcade staple. Be sure to check out The Bumper Factory, located in Astoria. This pinball arcade has a bunch of thematic cabinets whether it be the Avengers or Star Wars. They are currently working on a second location in Manhattan, so be sure to have that on your radar as well!


Rec by: twiggyversatile

135-29 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11354

Located in the ever so popular Flushing, PARTEANYC hosts a range of games, eats, and drinks. There is an assortment of gashapon collectibles, claw games, and basketball hoops. Their premiere claw machines have high quality plushies with a large variety of pop culture and franchise characters. Who doesn’t want a little Pikachu for their home office? Another great part of PARTEA is that they are always changing the plushies in stock, so you never know who to expect in the machines! There is also a cafe located inside with Taiwanese street food and snacks, such as popcorn chicken and taiwanese sausages. Grab a boba yakult drink for a sweet compliment and complete your full fledged gaming night. 

5. VRWorldNYC

Rec by: SivaTheExplorer

10 E 34th St, New York, NY 10016

Look no further than VR World NYC if you want to lounge and play some Virtual Reality. Combining going out for drinks with a VR session makes for an excellent experience of interactivity and plain old fun! If you don’t own a virtual reality headset, this is a perfect way to try out a range of titles, from SuperHot to Richie’s Plank Experience! If you’re under 18, book a session before 5 PM, as it’s 18+ from then on! VR World has over 25 VR games to choose from. If during your time you want a more relaxed medium, be sure to try out their music and film experiences as well! VRworldNYC is conveniently located right near Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, so you can easily begin or end your day here!

6. Sweet Cats Cafe 

Rec by: Jarry Lee

168-17 Union Tpke, Queens, NY 11366

If a pink cat aesthetic applies to you, look no further than Sweet Cats Cafe & Arcade. Also located in downtown Flushing, Sweet Cats Cafe has a range of arcade and claw games. Make sure to also check out their baked goods and boba teas. Grab a slice of their crepe cake as well! Collect your plushies and bring an awesome prize home with you!

7. Barcade

Rec by: Seek Team

148 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011

Barcade has been providing games and drinks in combination since 2004. Enjoy classic titles at one of their many locations, whether it be Manhattan, Brooklyn, or St. Marks! Every Barcade naturally has a bar, so ordering beers or cocktails is right in house while you game away. Their cabinets are more traditional to arcades featuring classics such as Galaga, Street Fighter, and Donkey Kong.

Where is your favorite place to play games in New York City? Have an out-of-the-box rec? Let us know!

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