Preview: Dark Spaces: Wildfire From Best-Selling Author Scott Snyder

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IDW Publishing presents the thrilling and mysterious new five-part series Dark Spaces: Wildfire from New York Times best-selling author Scott Snyder, and award-winning artist Hayden Sherman. Readers looking for an intriguing and dark new adventure, this original story features an all female cast and takes you on a mission of bravery, risk-taking and subsequently dealing with dire consequences. The first installment debuts later this month.

From the world-renowned indie comic publisher IDW Publishing, comes the unexpected heist adventure about five women who embark on a journey that can ultimately change their entire lives forever. Four fearless inmates have taken up the intense job of firefighting under their captain, Ruby. During one massive job they encounter a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, but do they take the risk?

Preview (IDW)

Wildfire: Part 1 THE TRAP

“Desperate people, desperate situations. In Dark Spaces, Snyder explores the decisions made—and irreversible actions taken—when the walls are closing in, when knuckles are white and teeth are bared.”

It’s been six weeks since the massive historical blaze Arroyo Fire ignited, and this incredibly brave and desperate crew of women are among the frontlines. Fires of this magnitude get multiple crews working day and night, including crews of convicts from the Department of Corrections in what is called the Forestry Firefighter Program. During their sentence, these fearless women have taken this incredibly dangerous job as an opportunity to get outside the prison walls. The training and work is not only dangerous but extremely vigorous and not even compensated. This program pays a measly two dollars a day, but it’s a risk many inmates are willing to take to get some sort of sense of freedom.

During one of the most intense forest fires the crew has ever seen, they come across an opportunity that could set them up for life or put them all at even bigger risk. When one of their new recruits reveals a chance to score, the brave crew of firefighters must make a decision together if they are willing to abandon their duties, and jeopardize their eventual freedom along with their lives as the fire is spreading rapidly. Will they walk away with millions or is this a fatal trap that will leave them in ash and dust?

Meet the Crew:

Preview (IDW)

Ruby Ma Ning, resides in California, C.O. of crew 513, and has been working fires for thirty years. She cares about her team probably more than she is supposed to; her job is to make sure that they do their jobs and get out safely in one piece but they all look out for each other and respect each other as more than just peers in such circumstances. She understands that some of these women’s lives before prison were chaotic and that they were put in unfair life situations that resulted in them getting serious prison time for white-collar crimes.

Sawyer, Zinn, Ramos and Brooks all play their individual roles on the team and do whatever it takes to protect their tight-knit crew. It’s going to be interesting learning more about these characters as the story progresses. Each character has their own individual crossroads with their beliefs, their past traumas and their decision-making regarding their most desperate circumstances. Whether you have months or years left of your sentence is it worth the risk when you can be set for life?

Hayden’s alluring artwork and style lights up the pages with the vibrant use of colors drawing viewers into the panels. Paired with Snyder’s dramatic and compelling storytelling you are definitely going to love this book, as this first issue instantly gives readers an intriguing original story that burns the question: what would you do in the most desperate circumstances ? This is an unforgettable heist, you definitely want to read this one and see where this story unfolds as every decision has a sequence.

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Dark Spaces: Wildfire will be published monthly from July through November, with the first issue available in multiple cover variants for retailers and fans to enjoy, featuring artwork by Hayden Sherman, Andrea Sorrentino, Liana Kangas, and Tula Lotay.


Scott Snyder is a New York Times best-selling author and one of comics’ best-selling writers. He is the recipient of two Eisner Awards, a Harvey Award, an Eagle Award, three Stan Lee Awards, and an Inkpot Award. Snyder made his comic book writing debut in 2009 with Marvel Comics. In 2011, Vertigo and DC Comics published American Vampire, his creator-owned debut with artist and co-creator Rafael Albuquerque. The first story was co-authored by Stephen King and received international acclaim.

Hayden Sherman is an award-winning comic artist whose work includes The Few, Wasted Space, Thumbs, and Old Man Logan. They’re a lover of science fiction and fantasy who have had the joy of illustrating for companies such as Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite, AfterShock, Vault, BOOM! Studios, and now IDW Publishing. They currently reside in Boston, Massachusetts, where they share an apartment with their significant other and an increasingly dumb cat.


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