McFarlane Toys Digital Collection Demo Preview (NYCC)

@McFarlane Toys Toys Digital Collection Demo Preview *Thanks to McFarlane Toys (images/ demo from McFarlane)

I got to get a glimpse of the digital storefront at the McFarlane NYCC media party and a walk-through with the digital artist Trevor Dietz @builtbytrevor. McFarlane Toys Announces Entrance into Digital Collectibles with Digital Storefront Featuring Iconic Characters @McFarlane Toys the toy company founded by famous comic book creator Todd McFarlane, will be releasing its first-ever digital collection featuring classic McFarlane Toys’ characters including Spawn, The Redeemer, and The Clown, with the first release being the SPAWN LAUNCH SERIES. This exciting collection allows fans to purchase and engage with action figures in a whole new way.

Learn more HERE at my write up for The Latin Times:

Check out the Full DEMO Below!

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