Upcoming Comics: ANCIENT ONES

Allen Panakal Art

(Artist:  Designer: Illustrator: Geek)

KNIGHTS OF NEPTUNE (courtesy of Allen Panakal)

Last month I attended Comic Con International: San Diego, where I met many mega talented artists! I decided that I wanted to feature new upcoming independent comic books!

Artist To Check Out SDCC Edition:

Goddess of truth

GODDESS OF TRUTH (courtesy of Allen Panakal)

One of the artist that stuck out to me was digital/ traditional artist Allen Panakal. Born and raised in Chicago, Allen started out as as a graphic & web designer.

He was very enthusiastic, friendly and super passionate about his work. We got to discuss his upcoming comic book “ANCIENT ONES”, which I am very excited about and look forward to reading.

Allen’s visually captivating artwork stands out to me because of his graphic brushwork. His strokes of vibrant colors are done in such a painterly way that it automatically catches the eye.

His aesthetic to shape design gives me a sense of abstraction with his use of angular shapes to capture the highlights and shadows. This non-traditional manner of emphasizing shapes and colors sets his style apart from other comic artist.

Norrin Radd.herald of galactus
NORRIN RADD. HERALD OF GALACTUS (courtesy of Allen Panakal)

“Allen has a unique style that grows through him, rather than from him. This is why it is authentic. He is free of the traps of artists who clamour desperately for approval or validation from the audience, because he simply enjoys the process of his art’s expression.”

— Curt Clendenin  © 2012–2015 Allen Panakal


Created by: Allen Panakal

KNIGHT OF JUPITER (courtesy of Allen Panakal)

-Tell me a little about yourself and your new comic book Ancient Ones.

I’m a Chicago based Artist who is trained as a Graphic Designer. I started doing some Illustration work around 3 years ago.

Ancient Ones is about a man’s discovery of extraterrestrial civilizations who have been manipulating humanity. As he travels the Milky Way, a seemingly chance encounter with the extraterrestrials makes him realize that he’s key to a galactic world machine. Now, he must face the dilemma of saving Earth or letting it perish along with many other planets.

SAMUEL PETERS (courtesy of Allen Panakal)

-Do you draw and write the comic as well?

I do all the writing and illustrations for the series. 

-What inspires you, and how did you first get into comics and art?

Science and the Universe. I love Science fiction and fantasy. I’ve always loved reading comic books. I started out doing Fan Art and then started to do work on my own series once I felt I had my style down.  

“Mythology has always inspired Allen.

He used to read books on various myths all the time growing up. So when the idea for the Ancient Ones first entered his mind, he took that as a sign that the Universe was pointing him in a particular direction. He’s been writing and working on concept art for this project since 2009.” -Ancient Ones (About)

HAUNTING (courtesy  of Allen Panakal)

– What art do you most identify with? And what kind of medium do you prefer to use?

Science Fiction & Fantasy. Digital.

-When can we expect Ancient Ones?

The site goes live soon. You can expect a whole book of lore containing illustrations and stories. I’ve got enough ideas to fill three large books.

-Are there any other big projects you are currently working on that you would like to share with us?

Ancient Ones is my current and largest project to date. The main website will contain all the info you need about the series.


TRAVELER (courtesy of Allen Panakal)

“One of the most admirable things about Allen is his true love for art. Despite having a 9-5 job Monday – Friday, Allen never pushes aside his dedication to his art. It’s truly inspiring seeing someone live out their dream and true passion in life, while still remaining humble through his successes. He has a unique eye for finding the beauty in what most would look at as ordinary and dull.”

— Jess Lomas  © 2012–2015 Allen Panakal


Make sure to keep an eye out for Ancient Ones coming soon!!

Fore more awesome artwork check out Allen’s portfolio. He also does some freelance work!!





Ancientones.net/ @allenpanakalart

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