Upcoming Comics: DWEORES



The next artist featured in this series is California developer, and designer John Ottinger, whose well-crafted 3D Figures immediately caught my attention. The Dweores booth alongside High Fly studio consisted of limited edition playing cards, statues, comics, prints, and even custom blue-tooth speakers! John excitedly described his creation of the world of DWEORES! These awesome Warrior Robot Water Towers are not your average super heroes!

” Look for the Dweores on set this season of The Big Bang Theory! “stacks_image_4783

Not only does John have figures of his DWEORES characters but he even started his own comic book!


Q- Tell me a little about yourself and your new sci.- fi fantasy comic book. 

A- My day job is a toy / product developer and designer. I also create large scale sculptures for the entertainment industry. 12′ tall X MEN to life sized Harry Potter characters etc.  

I created a new fantasy comic book world of robots with highly human-like expressions and personalities. These robots are called “Dweores” and have already been published in a soft-cover book along with their stories.  Dweores are also part of Facebook Messenger, can download them as stickers to use during conversations.



Q- Can you tell us about the characters and the world of “Dweores”?

A- A 13 year old  girl named May comes to the land to search for her father. She starts befriending Dweores as she travels from village to village.

May ends up meeting a team of Dweores made up of Dweores from different Villages. There’s a ninja Dweore, a teenaged Dweore, an artist /engineer Dweore, an Archer Dweore and an eccentric wizard. They make up “The Village Protectors.”



you can purchase these figures and other goodies at High Fly Studio

Q -What inspires you, and how did you first come up with the concept of “Dweores”?

A-Well like most people it’s music, books, nature and art.

I wanted to create a new world of robots to inspire people’s imagination and to create a new strong heroine role model for young girls.

The shape of the Dweores was inspired by an old water tower I saw out the window, when I was riding on the train. Most of the scenes were inspired by things I saw from the train.

I would listen to music as I drew, I combined what I saw out the train window with the energy of the music and the bumpiness of the ride. The combination gave me a unique style for the books.   


Q- Do you draw and/or write the comic as well? 

A- Right now I’m writing and drawing the comic myself, in the past my daughter and son helped with the writing.


Q- What else can we expect to see in the future with this series?

A- You’ll get to journey to many different wonderful Dweore settlement, also experience their unique cultures. Along the way you’ll meet many interesting Dweores and their antagonist, but mostly I hope the reader will be inspired! You can see more Dweores on the Facebook page and the website.

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 Read Book Zero and Book One Digitally now!!


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