Upcoming Comics: JUSTICE ANGEL

UPCOMING COMICS NYCC EDITION: “Sworn to fight for JUSTICE New York has a new HERO” At this years NYCC I had the pleasure of meeting Justice Angel Creator and writer, Tiffany … Continue reading Upcoming Comics: JUSTICE ANGEL

Upcoming Comics: OKEMUS

ARTIST TO CHECK OUT: Next up is Taylor J. Sterling, President, creator and lead artist of Red Arcis Entertainment (RAE Comics). From collecting comics and growing up with a passion … Continue reading Upcoming Comics: OKEMUS

Upcoming Comics: DWEORES

  ARTIST TO CHECK OUT SDCC EDITION: The next artist featured in this series is California developer, and designer John Ottinger, whose well-crafted 3D Figures immediately caught my attention. The … Continue reading Upcoming Comics: DWEORES

Upcoming Comics: ANCIENT ONES

Allen Panakal Art (Artist:  Designer: Illustrator: Geek) Last month I attended Comic Con International: San Diego, where I met many mega talented artists! I decided that I wanted to feature … Continue reading Upcoming Comics: ANCIENT ONES