Upcoming Comics: JUSTICE ANGEL

courtesy of Artemis Entertainment

“Sworn to fight for JUSTICE New York has a new HERO”

At this years NYCC I had the pleasure of meeting Justice Angel Creator and writer, Tiffany Dang. As President and Publisher of Artemis Entertainment, Tiffany’s goal is to write inspiring stories that are both thought provoking and entertaining. Tiffany actually began her career in the film industry writing feature screenplays. 


Issue 1 SOLD OUT at N.Y. Comic Con and on pre-order! You can order your copy online.

Artemis Entertainment

Tiffany Dang

“Artemis Entertainment LLC is an independent production company located in Phoenix. Owner Tiffany Dang writes, produces, and directs most of her film projects.

In 2009, Dang expanded her company to publish her first comic book, Justice Angel.”





Justice Angel is a fun new and fresh story that fans will surely follow. It is an adventure/ martial arts action story about honor, morals, justice and discipline.

“Justice Angel is about punishing those who need to be punished, teaching those that need to be taught, and correcting their mistakes in her best ability.” She created Sarah to be a character that is a mentor, and a leader without actual superpowers that could be admired and a role model for young girls 8 and up.

The story starts off in Chinatown New York, where Sarah, just a little girl at the time, witnesses her parents get murdered when their family business gets robbed by gunpoint. Her grandmother then sends Sarah to a temple to learn the Teaching of Buddha. Here Sarah learns methods of meditation through kung fu. Now 20 years old, Sarah leaves the temple and returns to her grandmother to help run her parents grocery store.  After finding her identity she decides to honor her parents and fight for justice, hence the hero Justice Angel!

Justice Angel

“A new hero for justice in New York”

courtesy of Artemis Ent.

1.Tell us a little about yourself, and what inspires you.

I am an independent screenwriter and director residing in Phoenix. Growing up, the stories on television and in the movies impressed me and inspired me to write fiction after high school.   

2. Why did you decide to become a filmmaker and how did you first get involved with comic books?  How has your background in film played a role in your comic book writing ?

Knowing how much I like to write, a friend of mine suggested that I enroll in Screenwriting 101 at Scottsdale Community College.  I really enjoyed that class and wanted to go through the whole process, so I then enrolled in film making courses. I really liked the technical and art form aspect of film-making.  My first short film, Stings of Conscience won 3rd place at Scottsdale Community College.

Justice Angel was written as a screenplay in 2007. The story has elements that can be laid out as a comic book as well. In film making, there are storyboards of characters sketched in action and dialogue (no coloring) for better visualization so the director of photography, camera operators, and other technical operators to understand the director’s point of view.  Transforming Justice Angel story into a comic book was easy since it is similar to story-boarding.

3. What makes Sarah special, and different from any other hero we’ve seen?

Sarah is different from other heroes because she doesn’t have any super power. She just uses her martial art skills to combat the common criminals.

courtesy of Artemis Ent.

4. What is the status of a Justice Angel film, as this would make a terrific movie!?

My co-producer and I are working with an investor and a cast list.  We are aiming to shoot early next year to release the film in time for 2017 NY Comic Con.

5. What else can we expect to see in the future with this series?

We have the completion of Volume 1.  So keep your eyes open for Volume 2, 3, and so on. I will introduce the next Justice Angel character. I believe anyone can be Justice Angel.  Therefore, one character cannot fight for justice forever. Sarah will teach the next gal to fight for justice with different weapons and styles. Then, the new gal will teach the next new gal and so on. Each volume will introduce a new Justice Angel and she doesn’t have to be Asian either.

Vol. 1-5

6. Tell us about some of your other projects?

In 1997, I have written and directed my second short film, Torn, which won Best Asian American Romantic Short at New York International Film Festival in 1998.

Torn is about a forbidden interracial relationship between a young Asian girl and a Caucasian guy.  Later in 2003, my first romantic comedy feature length, Deceitfully Funny was premiered at the 2004 Palm Beach Film Festival. Deceitfully Funny is a story about pre-arranged marriage in the Asian culture.  Both projects can be viewed on my website.

7. Professionally, what’s your goal?

My goal is to keep Justice Angel series going as long as possible and simultaneously direct Justice Angel and other screenplays that I have written.

8. What superpower would you have and why?

I would like to have invisibility power so I can travel anywhere without going through the hassle.  Plus, it will be fun to spook people by moving objects.


www.artemisentertainment.com                               www.justiceangelcomic.com

Justice Angel can be purchased online. Unfortunately, Justice Angel is only available in print. However, Tiffany is working on converting it to digitally as well.

Justice Angel is also on twitter.

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