Why JUSTICE ANGEL is so important for diversity

Courtesy of Justice Angel


“Sworn to fight for justice 

New York has a new hero”


Justice Angel” is an independent Martial arts/ adventure comic book series created by Tiffany Dang. It’s a tale about loyalty, family values, honor, fighting for justice and protecting the innocent.

So what makes this story so special?

Justice Angel can be literally anyone!! This can be you!


Justice Angel is a breath of fresh air, it is something new, relatable, and inspiring. We say we want diversity so we need to support these characters that do exist. This is a story about a hero that can be an inspiration for young girls, this is what we’ve been waiting for.

“Justice Angel is about punishing those who need to be punished, teaching those that need to be taught, and correcting their mistakes in her best ability.” Sarah was created to be a character that is a mentor, and a leader without actual superpowers that could be admired and a role model for young girls 8 and up.


The origin of Justice Angel begins with a young Chinese American girl named Sarah.

This character represents a community that isn’t represented enough in the comicbook world, it ignites a sense of pride.

The story starts off in Chinatown New York, where Sarah, just a little girl at the time, witnesses her parents get murdered when their family business gets robbed by gunpoint. Her grandmother then sends Sarah to a temple to learn the Teaching of Buddha. Here Sarah learns methods of meditation through kung fu. Now 20 years old, Sarah leaves the temple and returns to her grandmother and to help run her parents grocery store. After finding her identity she decides to honor her parents and fight for justice, hence the hero Justice Angel!

Tiffany expresses how Justice Angel is more of a SYMBOL then just one person.

Courtesy of Justice Angel


“We have the completion of Volume 1.  So keep your eyes open for Volume 2, 3, and so on. I will introduce the next Justice Angel character. I believe anyone can be Justice Angel.  Therefore, one character cannot fight for justice forever. Sarah will teach the next gal to fight for justice with different weapons and styles. Then, the new gal will teach the next new gal and so on. Each volume will introduce a new Justice Angel and she doesn’t have to be Asian either.”

-Read my full interview with Tiffany here: Upcoming comics: JUSTICE ANGEL

 As President and Publisher of Artemis Entertainment; Justice Angel Creator and writer, Tiffany Dang’s goal is to write inspiring stories that are both thought provoking and entertaining. Tiffany actually began her career in the film industry writing feature screenplays. Tiffany hopes to bring this story to life in a feature film!



Justice Angel Movie

Justice Angel has the elements of traditions,

family values, love, and justice.

Tiffany started a Kickstarter to help fund this campaign and make this story come to life!

Since the series published in 2013, it has built a huge fan base. Having a great turnout at both Phoenix and New York Comic Con, Tiffany and her team would like to transform the comic book into mainstream media with a film. With an ambitious goal of $9,000 for an independent film, your support along with her dedicated team can make this happen. The kickstarter donations will help production begin shooting. This is a fun exciting opportunity, and that Contributors can be a part of.

-Support the kickstarter here:


Courtesy of Justice Angel



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