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courtesy of RAE Comics

Next up is Taylor J. Sterling, President, creator and lead artist of Red Arcis Entertainment (RAE Comics). From collecting comics and growing up with a passion for art and storytelling, Taylor decided to move from his small-town home in Grand Rapids Michigan to the East coast to finally pursue his dreams of becoming a great comic book artist.

He started RAE comics; a small independent company that aims to produce high quality independent comics on a professional level, while also expanding diversity in comics.


As a first time exhibitor and artist, Taylor first debuted his Sci. fi / Martial arts comic book OKEMUS issue 0 at last year’s San Diego Comic Con 2015; where he completely sold out of all 300 copies!

The artwork and storyline of this post-apocalyptic journey of a time-traveling, shape-shifting superhero pulls the reader right into the world of Okemus.

by Taylor J. Sterling

“What is our purpose..our destiny? Is it predetermined?


“In the far distant future, the planet earth has become a desolate shell of it’s former decadence. Once great nations now lay in ruin. Monstrous subhuman creatures called Mechai roam the Earth terrorizing, feeding, and killing any living thing in their path. With each day the human populous dwindles.

Enter Cale….a time traveling warrior whose body is inhabited by a symbiotic creature, that at a moments notice can transform him into a superpowered fighting machine.”

Q- Tell me about your new comic book Okemus, and Red Arcis Entertainment.

A- Red Arcis Entertainment is a brand new comic book company centered on creating really unique and interesting characters that are diverse and groundbreaking. Okemus is the first title that has come from R.A.E and me myself, the artist and writer, creator.

Issue zero sold out at SDCC 2015, brought back a 3rd printing here to SDCC 16 and debuted issue 1 which also sold out as well.  Doing really well, have a great story and great artwork for people to check out.

Here at RAE Comics we create ambitious and inventive tales that shine a light on diverse and underrepresented characters with unique perspectives on the world we live in.-RAE

Q- What makes Okemus memorable and sets your comic apart from others?

A- What makes Okemus memorable is that it’s a completely original, unique and diverse character. It doesn’t look like anything that’s on the market right now, not like anything you’ve seen before.

It’s taken 10 plus years in the making on refining the story, the character arcs, the universe overall, and the art. It’s a really unique product that is resonating well with people.

Cover issue 0 by Taylor Sterling

“Orphaned as a child Cale experienced a turbulent and challenging life. As he grew up Cale always questioned his purpose as well as his unknown heritage.” OKEMUS 01

Q- Can you tell us a little bit about the world of Okemus and the protagonist Cale.

A- The world of Okemus in issue 0 is actually a more Post apocalyptic universe where the world is kind of run by these biomechanical monstrous, creatures; these deformities so to speak.

In this particular Issue 0 which is actually a prequel, or a non-linear story, in issue 0 you see Cale fighting for the truth about where he came from, how he gets his powers. He’s a guy in search for himself, to find how he came to be, how he is what he is, because he doesn’t know.

Fast forward to Okemus issue 1, which we sold out here at the show, issue 1 focuses on a younger Cale where he goes to college, before he gets his powers. Have like a prequel main story going on where in issue 1 you see the character from the beginning, the grassroots nuts and bolts story before he got his powers.

courtesy rae comics

Q- Will we see more of the other characters that you introduced in the near future?

A- All of the supporting characters were actually premiered in issue 1, there first appearance was issue 1 technically. During that appearance you got a chance to see really what they were looking for, searching for, as they were looking for Cale. There will be more interesting characters debuted as time goes on as well as more interesting and very powerful villains.

Q- What’s your creative process? How do you come up with the plotline and the characters?

A- Plotline and characters, I’ve actually worked on that for a number of years. So, it took a long time to figure out. First I drew the characters, then after that now I would like to create a story with them. It’s taken me a long time just to refine the story in itself. The plot really comes from what I think would be cool, and I also like to throw in and address certain social issues like bullying and getting over one’s fears, which are both addressed in issue 1 and issue 0. I try to throw in not only entertainment but also something that’s educational for everyone.

by Taylor Sterling

Q- What can we expect to see in the future for Okemus?

A- You’re going to see another 5 issues for arc 1, and then you’re going to see another 6 issues for arc 2. You’ll have one more prequel book, so that’ll be a total of 14 books.

You’re also going to have a Spin off series in the near future from Tisena the main female character. It’s definitely a character that people have been asking about, and are curious about what’s going on and how that’s going to play out.


Get digital copy now or pre order print, can also pick up reprint issue 0 & issue 1 at *NYCC 2016!! 

*Small Press Booth #1161_dsc5944

next issue OKEMUS coming 2017

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