A New Symbol of Hope: La Borinqueña #1

Courtesy of SOMOS ARTE

New York, Activist and writer, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez recently released an advanced copy of his new comic book La Borinqueña. *Which I had the pleasure of picking up at the El Puente Presents: La Borinqueña #1 release event, and couldn’t wait to read!

I was instantly drawn to the beautiful quality print, the vivid colors and the bold bright and beautiful cover art work. The regular edition features the Puerto-Rican flag (la bandera), and the variant cover (la herencia) features Puerto-Rican heritage, history and important political figures. Both covers embody the spirit of La Borinqueña.

(*Officially releases tomorrow)



La Borinqueña is more than just a superhero story, the protagonist, Marisol Rios De La Luz, who literally draws her powers from “elements and mysticism” found on the island of Puerto Rico, represents a symbol of hope. This iconic character was created in a time when Puerto Rico is in dire need of help.

She is a hero that anyone can look up to and feel a connection to, and feel empowered like they can also make a difference. The imagery of not only the cover but throughout the entire comic invoke feelings of community, values, history and culture.


The comic book contains the first 4 Chapters and a bonus story!

This is a fresh, new origin story that I believe can draw an audience of all kinds of people; whether you are a fan of comic books or not.

Courtesy of SOMOS ARTE

The story begins in Luquillo, Puerto-Rico where we get a first glimpse of Marisol’s abilities when a cargo plane’s engine fails and is about to crash and wipe out most of Luquillo, that is until La Borinqueña shows up to save the day!

“This island, my island, changed me forever”La Borinqueña

But her origin story really starts in the barrio, that is Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Marisol Rios De La Luz;  “Marisol” means “Sea and Sun” in Spanish, last name means “Rivers Of Light.”

Marisol is a young, confident, and smart Nuyorican, that is easily a relatable city kid. Although the story is predominantly in English there is some Spanish spoken throughout the comic.

Marisol comes from a loving hard working family that always looks out for her best interests. As a Columbia University student she majors in Earth and Environmental sciences, and does what she can to help the environment. Wanting to make a difference she decides to take a study abroad course in Puerto Rico.

This is where her journey truly begins!

Courtesy of SOMOS ARTE

“Puerto-Rico will never give up, and neither will I.”La Borinqueña

She was born to be a hero!

Given the name by her people, she carries it with great pride and responsibility. Throughout her journey you really get an understanding of Marisol’s character and beliefs. I think this story does a really good job, in that it makes you care about Marisol and the good that she is trying to do for the environment and her people. She has a very strong sense of pride that resonates with her presence.

We also get a sense of Marisol’s character through her interactions and friendship with her best friend Lauren “ La La” Liu. I really like how the story makes us care about these characters and their lives, and that we get a real sense of friendship and the lives of inner city kids.


“La Borinqueña’s Best Friend Is A Chinese-Dominican Badass”– Huffingtonpost

Courtesy of SOMOS ARTE

The comic also includes a bonus story of an adventure with  “La La” Liu, Commissioned by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center for the CTRL+ALT Culture Lab on Imagined Futures.

The story was overall thought provoking, captivating and easy to follow. It kept you interested and curious as to what will happen next. I found it refreshingly new. I loved learning how Marisol attains her powers, and can’t wait to see what happens next. How will she cultivate, grow, how far will her powers take her?! 

I highly recommend this comic to anyone who is looking for something new and original. To comic book fans and new fans alike, La Borinqueña is sure to make people think and I can’t wait for the next issue to release!

 La Borinqueña #1 Officially goes on sale 

Tomorrow Dec. 22, 2016!!


*La Borinqueña #1 debuted on December 17 and 18, 2016 at the Comic Fest (Aguada Con) 2016 in Puerto Rico.

Check out my post on Café Con Comics: Latinos in Comics, of an event (Somos Arte Café Con ComicsI attended curated by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez.



#la Borinquena

Written by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, edited by Matthew Barbot, illustrated by Emilio Lopez, Will Rosado, Eric Jimenez and introducing Sabrina Cintron with digital coloring by Juan Fernandez.Breakdowns by Emilio Lopez, William Rosado, and Gustavo Vazquez.Cover artwork by Ralph Anthony “Rags” Morales and Emilio Lopez with a collection of variant covers featuring the talents of Chris Batista, Chris Sotomayor, Emilio Lopez, Eric Jimenez, Felix Serrano, Gustavo Vazquez, Juan Fernandez, Ralph Anthony “Rags” Morales and Will Rosado.Pin up artwork by Sabrina Cintron, and Eric Jimenez.



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