Find out if you have what it takes to become a member of the Dora Milaje and bring honor to your tribe!

Courtesy of Marvel, I got to preview the upcoming book PROTECTORS OF WAKANDA: A HISTORY AND TRAINING MANUAL OF THE DORA MILAJE by Karama Horne. Catch us discuss her process, inspirations, the Wakandan alphabet, and the intricacies of Wakandan culture. There is a reason the Dora Milaje are often referred to as “living weapons.”

Now publishing September 20, 2022, PROTECTORS OF WAKANDA: A HISTORY AND TRAINING MANUAL OF THE DORA MILAJE takes you inside Wakanda’s elite, all-female guard—to learn what it takes to join their ranks. In this manual you will learn all about Wakandan history, Dora training, weapons and attire.

To master your evaluation you must master your lessons, you must adhere to the five tenets of the Dora Milaje:


In this exclusive, in-world manual, you’ll step inside this elite society of women warriors and discover what it’s like to train as member of the Dora Milaje. Recruited from across all tribes, the selected initiates undergo intense training, both physical and mental.

Passed down from elder Dora to initiates, with entries by General Okoye, Princess Shuri, and Queen Mother Ramonda, Protectors of Wakanda reveals not only the history and foundation of the unit, but collects the strategy, weapons, and combat training as well as the code of honor and nuances of service required to protect the Black Panther and the nation of Wakanda.

Added commentary and guidance from notable warriors, such as Mistress Zola, Ayo, Aneka and M’yra, fill the margins of this treasured text.

“The history of Wakanda is a marriage of tradition and technology.” Vibranium is the greatest source of power – used to create weapons and advanced tools for agriculture. The very rare and valuable type of vibranium could only be found and mined from Wakanda. Learn all about its rich history from characters such as Queen Romonda and Princess Shuri. (See preview pages below)

There were many methods the warriors used to prepare for battle, including meditation rituals.
“Rest and healing are as important as strength and fighting.” I not only loved learning about the Warrior practices for battles and their choice of weapons but how they mentally prepare themselves and recover.

Learn about Queen Nehanda, the founder of the Dora Milaje and how she chooses her initiates: “the Adorned Ones” aka the Dora Milaje. The manual breaks down the use of weapons, and the different attire based on levels of training. Cosplayers will love seeing all the different costume breakdowns. Loved chatting with Karama about her inspirations and which comics and cultures she drew inspiration from in writing this book. We also talk about which artist she got to work with on this manual, and the importance in telling these kind of stories.

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*Photos courtesy of Marvel/ Epic ink

Karama Horne (@theblerdgurl”) is a writer, podcaster, host and critic parked at the intersection of geekdom and diversity. Founder of theblerdgurl® brand, Karama is recognized throughout genre entertainment as an authority on geekdom and inclusion. She has been seen on red carpets, hosting comic con panels from New York to San Diego and has been featured in USA Today, The New York Times, The Guardian, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Black Enterprise. She curated the sequential art exhibit “Artist’s Experience: From Brotherman to Batman” Karama also has bylines at, Rotten Tomatoes, NERDIST, SYFYWIRE, and The Wrap. Her first novel, set in the world of the Black Panther Universe, “Protectors of Wakanda: A History and Training Manual for the Dora Milaje”, hits bookshelves Fall of 2022

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