VOL 3: Blood and Fire


Killer Comics is back with an even more explosive threequel !

From film maker/creators Duncan Cunningham and Aaron Cassidy, alongside their  Killer Comics team comes Volume 3 of the acclaimed dark and gritty crime thriller “Crucifix Executioner.” Known for their cinematic storytelling and badass artwork to match, Killer Comics presents BLOOD AND FIRE. Fans of the graphic novel series brace yourselves for even more adrenaline- filled mayhem. If you enjoyed the first two books be prepared; Blood and Fire is bloodier, raunchier, and even more gruesome. (Blood and fire is provocative, extremely raunchy, features suggestive themes and is not for those with a light stomach.)


If you need a recap or haven’t read book one and two check out my reviews of  Vol. 1 Killer Instinct HERE and Vol. 2 Revenge HERE


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“The Wicked Will Be Slain”

This dark twisted tale of vengeance is the perfect combination of a gritty crime thriller and gruesome slasher flick.

Welcome to Wolston City where rampant crime, rape, murder, dirty cops and corruption have plagued the entire city. When a local psychic Glen Parsons (with his gift, a touch can give him visions and a glimpse of the past) gets called to help on a case of unsolved murders he sees something he shouldn’t have, and there are people who want to keep him quiet. Due to this revelation, he becomes a target, and his wife and unborn child are brutally murdered, and he is left for dead with a bullet to the head. Only he returns as a raging homicidal maniac, and Crucifix Executioner is born. Imagine the Punisher meets Hellraiser!

Leaving his signature mark on his victims, there’s a new criminal investigation to unfold. In this cross between good and evil is the executioner a hero or a complete monster? Does he have a code like Dexter, or is he just a disturbed and violent manic personality.

Courtesy of Killer Comics

In Volume 2 we witnessed Glen take his psychic abilities to all new levels. While wounded and in hiding trying to protect his friends we saw his gift evolve. With Glens enhanced touch, he can now see new visions through animals, which helps him along his journey. Dirty detective Lance Steel, abusing his badge tries to cover his tracks and clean up his mess. Meanwhile the ruthless gang The Conquistadors wreak havoc and terrorize the streets even going as far as public torture. With a million dollar hit on the Executioner, Gibbons has his henchmen on a wild hunt. 


“A city cleansed with blood and fire. In a city plagued by chaos, everyone must battle for control.”

Volume 3 picks up after the events of book 2 with Glen (the Executioner) in search of his family and looking for answers regarding his abilities. We find Glen in a very unexpected reunion with his mother at a freak show zoo. During this family reconciliation Glen’s mother gives him a very special gift, a family heirloom that has been passed on for generations. This sinister and powerful mask can increase his physic ability. As Executioners powers evolve he can now also command animals. Glen learns that this mask is the skull of a distant ancestor and that his family will guide him as long as he wears it. Glen’s mother also warns him that it cannot be worn for too long. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 6.10.24 PM

Special gift or curse? you be the judge


 Glen not only loses control of his abilities but a much more powerful and darker element completely takes over him. With a lust for vengeance and his advanced abilities to now have full control and influence of animals will he finally get his revenge? Glen takes some reinforcements commanding animals to help with his mission and to help those in need along the way on his search to rescue a friend held captive by Gibbons.

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 11.26.20 AM

Meanwhile dirty law enforcement, state officials and corrupt politicians are planning to use this chaos to not only send a message to criminals but for their own political gains and the rezoning of properties into wealthy riverfront developments. Detective Lance Steel struggles to regain control as he tries to cover his tracks, hushing some people up along the way. The police chief declares war on bikers, court cases are ruling death by execution starting an uproar with biker gangs. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 11.55.12 AM


Now out for revenge Conquistadors gang leader Gibbons rallies all patches in his battle to take control of the city. With his mission to take over the prison he upsets some powerful higher ups. 



Glen along with his new enforcements engages in a literally WILD police chase. With his mind-controlled animals Glen attacks anyone that tries to get in his way. With the police and media delaying his rescue mission will Glen make it in time? During this insane high level priority chase there is a prison siege ! All the Biker gangs alongside Gibbons and his henchman are retaliating and causing havoc releasing all the prisoners.

During the high-speed chase, the prison riot is getting out of control. Gibbons has taken officers hostage. Needing more police reinforcements, the Wolston Police Department are trying to negotiate a surrender with the biker gangs. Who will they protect? When politics get involved, will the police do the right thing and protect all citizens regardless of class?


Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 12.05.21 PM


Machine guns, explosives, lethal weapons, mind – controlled carnivores, poison, tanks, this is ALL OUT WAR like you’ve never seen. This Mad Max-esque battle between the police, an enraged vigilante, escaped prison inmates and gang members is film worthy. You can feel the intensity off the pages, as I mentioned the creators are filmmakers so no wonder these guys can make their pages so compelling and alive.

“A great battle of blood and fire is the only guarantee.
In this book, all hell breaks loose as the city’s megalomaniacs all collide in a crescendo of blood, and fire. Who will remain standing on top of the smouldering pile of bodies, rubble and ash, left in the wake of the
city’s destruction?”

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 12.39.18 PM


Crucifix Executioner:

The lines blur between good and evil, is Glen Parsons an infuriated hero or just an uncontrollable monster? You decide. Since reading volume 1 Killer Instinct I became an instant fan of this series. Revenge kept me hooked with its high-intensity action- packed pages of suspense and insanity. Now after reading book three I am left wondering how on earth they can top this explosive trilogy. 

Blood and Fire has more sex than game of thrones, more blood than Quentin Tarantino, more violence than Seven and more explosions than Michael Bay. This gut- wrenching dark and gritty graphic novel was provocative, evil, grimy, vulgar and bloody disgusting. If you like a good crime thriller and can tolerate the violence this is definitely the comic book for you. I can’t wait to see what the Killer Comics team have in store next.

*Very mature content Blood, sex and gore



VOLUME 3 CONTAINS ISSUES 9-12: Single issues available now!!

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Courtesy of Killer Comics

Crucifix Executioner Vol 3 Blood and Fire:

Story by: Duncan Cunningham

Writer: Aaron Cassidy

Cover art: Ryan Brown

Art/ink: Harsho Mohan Chattoraj

Colors: Armando Jasmin Jr.

Letters: JAhch

Crucifix Executioner logo by: Bram Meehan

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